Mikel Plazaola, export manager of Dastatzen Group.

Dastatzen Group is expanding rapidly. In 2020, with only one year of trajectory, the group was already distributing meat products to more than 5 European countries; in 2021 it expects to reach 10 countries in the region. Mikel Plazaola's work is framed within the expansion and commercial management of the group's brands in Europe, this is all thanks to his high level of knowledge and language skills, as he can communicate in up to 6 languages (English, Portuguese, Italian, French, Basque and Spanish).

Currently, Dastatzen Group exports more than 200 tonnes of meat abroad per year and is expected to increase that percentage by up to 30% by 2022. This is how Plazaola defines his work as export manager of the group: "I am proud to be to take around the world the values of our traditional gastronomy, as it is a pleasure for me to be a part of the broadening of the basque meat culture".